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About Us

We are the FaceQuad Team. Our little studio was established on August 18, 2013. Since then, we are constantly growing up, delivering the best 3d models. We are helping young artists by bringing top quality free 3d models, textures, and tutorials. Our goal is to help 3D artists save time and money while at the same time adding visually appealing elements to their 3D scenes. Feel free to discover our resources and we will be very pleased to welcome you as a member of our community!


"Our goal is to create the world in 3d. We intend to maximize the physical objects. This will allow the company to solve efficient and rapid issues differently: from presenting products to new technologies development".  David (Managing Director - Co-Founder)


The quality standards of our 3d models

Description of standards and key technical requirements for models. Parameters of finished models: textures, materials, UVs.
We strive to create the most photo-realistic product, so we strictly adhere to professional standards and procedures. Our models comply with the requirements of the international quality standard.

Key technical requirements:

  • Photorealistic models, detailed textures and materials
  • Software versions for 3D max 2012 Vray 2.3 models
  • High-quality scan of all objects of the model for easy texturing
  • Correct topology, competent polygonal mesh


Examples of quality 3d models:

Images of models that meet quality standards. Examples of different sections and levels of detail.




 Also, we are providing top quality visualization to architects, developers, and designers.

We are continually adding great new 3d models so check back often! However, we also want to hear from you and what types of models you need for your work. We are focused on customer satisfaction with our products.

Have fun and Contact Us and we'll get back to you promptly!