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Best Interior Design Ideas Trends For 2019

Best Interior Design Ideas Trends For 2019

In contrast with the traditional concept of the home, where rooms were clearly differentiated and fulfilled very specific functions, current interior design trends are paving the way toward a flexible and modular use of space that efficiently adapts to the needs, tastes, and lifestyles of its occupants, favoring comfort and convenience.

01. the sophisticated mix of antiques and contemporary furnishings

The organization of the house was maintained, but removing doors and enlarging openings allowed for the creation of visual links between rooms to allow for abundant natural light in the interior and to promote a fluid connection between spaces. In terms of the decoration, features a sophisticated mix of antiques and contemporary furnishings that create a unique and timeless environment, improving the perception of space to reflect the owners’ taste for interior decoration. Also fulfills the requirement for the creation of home suitable for entertaining.


The entry hall, vestibules, and staircase are illustrative of the house’s classical formality, putting emphasis on basic elements of design, such as proportion, scale, and symmetry.

One space succeeds another through wide doorways, creating axes of furniture arrangements and extending sight lines toward windows and focal points.

 Light colors predominate in the large social rooms of the house, promoting activity and interaction, while dark colors are used in small rooms, creating cozy and tranquil atmospheres suitable for relaxation.


The family room is on axis with the dining room—and with the kitchen. The two rooms have built-in cabinetry along the windows that provide convenient storage for tableware.

Symmetry, balance, and visual axes can enhance the formal character of a dining room.


Patterns can be used to draw the eye to specific points and create dramatic visual effects. For instance, the tile used in the floor of the kitchen seems to continue up the wall behind the base cabinets and cooking range, all the way up to the ceiling.


02. A contemporary sensibility and at the same time expresses great respect for the Boston townhouse typology.


The reconfiguration of an existing building can result in a series of interesting spaces, retaining the spirit of the original architecture and at the same time creating a contemporary feel.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends


Metalwork is a recurring leitmotif throughout the house. Whether prominent features like staircase railings or striking details like fireplace screens, the variety of metal elements found in this home adds a unique touch to the décor.


Hallways and stairs are not just circulation areas. They are spaces able to hold their own with unique character and function.

The multicolor carpet on the stairs draws one into the house. The different colors used in the carpet harmonize with the colors used in various sections and rooms of the house.


Custom metalwork, as elements of separation between spaces, allow for light to pass through, while adding visual texture.

The kitchen shares the space with the breakfast area. The kitchen’s back wall, island, and office desk with shelves are made of the same wood, unifying the space.


On the occasion of a remodel, walls are opened and doorways and various other openings are filled in to reorganize the space. Wall irregularities and former openings offer opportunities for the creation of cabinetry, making seamless design solutions.


Decorative wallpaper can help define areas and add visual interest, providing different spaces with their own identity. Wallpaper can offer an abundance of creative finishes, such as rich patterns, photographic images, and relief surfaces.

The use of wallpaper is not limited to covering all the walls of a room. Use decorative wallpaper to create wainscots and feature walls, which can act as accents that complement the color scheme of a space.

Just like wallpaper, tile can work wonders with visual and tactile textures, bringing an interesting look and feel to a room.

The family room on the top floor breathes a relaxed atmosphere, achieved through a palette of neutral colors and the soft shapes of the furniture. A suspended daybed brings in a playful touch.


03. Black-and-white finishes mix with the brick and steel of an original industrial space converted into a home.


Using one single dark color in a room creates a sense of continuity and serenity because there are no color contrasts to draw the eye.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Vintage furniture, metal light fixtures, and metallic surfaces celebrate a style that exposes original, raw elements and finishes as a reminder of the industrial past of a space.

Steel-framed glass partitions and doors have become a popular design solution to impart an industrial look, while at the same time providing a space with a sense of openness.


04. A cohesive whole boasts horizontal and vertical planes, solids and voids, creating a succession of spaces.


Symmetry contributes to the creation of well-balanced spaces. It can be achieved through the arrangement of furniture and the use of color and pattern, for instance.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends


The selection and the arrangement of furnishings in a room contribute to the creation of a specific kind of décor. For instance, clean lines mix with organic shapes to create a well-balanced furniture variety, while accents fall on color and texture.

As the quality of sliding-glass-door design and manufacturing reaches astonishing results—from an aesthetic and functional standpoint—glass door fittings are increasingly accentuated.

Create a dynamic and stimulating environment by mixing a variety of colors, textures, forms, and sizes. Then group them according to some of these categories to avoid a chaotic arrangement.

The blocks of solid color—like the black finish of the soaking tub and the wood vanity—add a touch of color to this bathroom, where Carrara marble predominates.


05. Clean lines and simple but functional detailing ensures a continuous artful connection between old and new.


The modular design of the fireplace wall is carried on to the kitchen. Play with scale, form, texture, and color adds to the graphic aesthetic, while pale wood-grain cabinetry and stools soften the look.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Maximize storage space with low cabinets below a window sill. In addition to increasing the storage capacity of a room, these low cabinets can double as benches.

Consider ceiling- or wall-mounted light fixtures near the headboard as an alternative to the traditional bedside table lamp. By doing so, you keep the bedside table clear for other items.

Unusual mirrors in the bathroom can add visual interest to a nondescript décor. They can introduce color and texture to support other elements in the room, which may otherwise stand out awkwardly.

The use of a monochromatic color scheme in a bathroom challenges one to think about ways to give this room of the house a unique character. Play with shape and texture to add pattern in an understated yet powerful fashion.


06. A minimalistic interior that emphasizes the playful character of the colorful furniture and the display of contemporary wall art, sculptures, and the numerous games and toys.


The use of sliding doors fits in with the principles of contemporary architecture, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of a construction. They also allow for maximum natural lighting and promote the connection between interior and exterior spaces.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Modern technology has permitted the creation of sliding glass doors that can be as unobstructive as possible by means of minimal floor and ceiling rails.

Large awnings and shutters can be used along the perimeter of a structure to transform the perception of an interior space according to different needs.


07. Dreamy spaces of gleaming surfaces, clean lines, graphic motifs, and earthy finishes.


Not only do atriums bring light into interior spaces, but they also allow visual connections between different floors, enhancing the extensiveness of these spaces.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

It is important that the kitchen, one of the busiest rooms in a home, gets good lighting. Ambient lighting, which provides an area with overall illumination, needs to be complemented by task lighting directly above work areas.

The visual perception we have of a room depends on the selection of colors, how they have been distributed, and in what proportion.

Soft, velvety textiles add a pleasant textural and tactile element to a room. Subdued colors can produce a calming effect. Together they induce a soothing atmosphere that works well for a bedroom.

Faux finishes like sponging, color washing, rag rolling, stenciling, and marbleizing bring a unique personal touch to a home.

A nursery and little boy’s conjoined bedroom is an innovative children’s scheme with flexibility for individual and open-plan space.


08. A coherent new space with a complex personality.


The straight-edged furnishings, the faceted coffee tables, the broken lines of the carpet, the bold colors, and the reflective finishes come together to create vibrant atmosphere.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

The interior spaces were built as an interplay of contrasts between raw industrial character and a taste for luxury and urban comfort. Everything was designed to highlight the impressive volumes of these old industrial spaces.

Visual connections between rooms induce a sense of spaciousness. Circulation elements, such as staircases and corridors, can contribute to this effect when they are placed to create visual axes.

Mirrors and highly polished surfaces alter the perception of a space, making it look larger than it actually is. They can also increase the quantity and quality of a room’s light sources.

The kitchen responds to a design approach that focuses on efficient workflow: the different tasks are organized around three minimalist islands, while all the storage and the appliances are concealed behind highly reflective, full-height cabinet fronts.

Nowadays, a well-planned open kitchen is often the true meeting point of a home. A very spacious kitchen can accommodate multiple islands to serve various functions: for instance, for food preparation, cooking, and for serving informal meals.

A bathroom mirror can do more than just show one’s reflection. Interesting shapes, sizes, and designs can provide a bathroom with character and create a startling focal point.

Everything speaks to the embracing comforts of home: from warm colors and surfaces that are a delight to the touch to the carefully selected furnishings and finishes, such as turquoise silk surfaces, velvet upholstery, and even penny-covered walls!


09. 19 Greek Street’s philosophy, the design promotes sustainability, social design, and up-cycling.


An entryway can make a bold design statement that introduces the style of the whole interior. It is, after all, the first area that one finds upon entering a home.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Tall walls can be utilized as extended areas for storage and display. Access to areas beyond reach from the floor is the only issue, but it can be easily resolved with a ladder that can slide across the length of the wall.

The studio on the mezzanine is a sparsely furnished space that lends itself to a variety of activities, promoting the concept of flexible space.

Polymer-resin bathroom fixtures can be cast to any shape and design. They are smooth and warm to the touch and are easy to clean and maintain.


10. The design emphasizes the materiality of the spaces, through a cohesive use of wood, concrete, and black metal, complemented by the powerful Middle Eastern light.


A current trend is to take the TV away from the living room or the bedroom and put it in a separate room. You can turn a spare room into a cozy TV room that can double as a home office.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends


Concrete can develop natural irregularities and patinas that add to the character of a space. Stained, colored, smooth, or rough—concrete surfaces boast a one-of-a-kind look, guaranteeing major design impact.

Kids’ bedrooms can be planned as playful environments that promote creativity. Materials and colors are design tools that offer children a space of their own, where they can develop their own identities.


11. The design incorporates original architectural elements that harmoniously coexist with new elements of contemporary living.

Wood beams, cast-iron columns, and vaulted brick ceilings are commonly incorporated as a way to provide a newly redesigned contemporary space with a sense of history.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Spaces are often stripped of partitions in order to create open and airy interiors, leaving columns as support for sliding panels and cabinets, which in turn serve as space organizers.

Reconfiguring a space during a remodel often involves tearing down walls and blocking openings, which creates the opportunity to design built-ins.

Old buildings generally require an upgrade of the plumbing fixtures and even a redesign of drain and vent lines. If the work is substantial, chances are that little of the existing old charm will be preserved. On the bright side, this is a chance for a complete redo.


12. A brighter and spacious interior, flexible use of the space.

Linen and burlap are great eco-friendly, natural materials that can be used to easily fabricate pillows and poofs at home. These can make for informal extra seating and add a unique touch to a rustic, eco-style space.


Best Interior Design Ideas Trends

Different wood types, thick fabrics for cushy seating and heavy curtains, and a color palette of earthy tones come together to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The kitchen’s storage cabinets and appliances are concealed behind floor-to-ceiling wood pivoting pocket doors. This system offers the advantage of keeping the cabinets in an open position with no door in the way.

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