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Interior Design Inspiration

Interior Design Inspiration

In building a house, we might just think of an interesting design and according to taste. However, when you build a house for families with small children as occupants in it, the implementation of the design requires more consideration. The urge to make sure safety from our children is one of interior design inspiration.

Often we found the house without fence and are situated on the bustling streets or the stairs too high and steep, so it is not safe for children. So it is with the placement of the furniture make the children don’t feel safe and comfortable. To that end, for the sake of the safety of children, let’s start paying more attention to interior design idea.


The walls seemed to be trivial but many parents do not realize that the children often gave vent to “creativity”, i.e. with scratching on the wall. If the child has this hobby, we recommend that you divide the wall area into two parts, the upper part of the walls for clean area and the lower part of the wall is to be area for children’s doodles. In addition, you can post a large empty frame on the wall and teach kids to only doodle wall on the inside of the frame.

If the child is less liked to doodle on the wall, it becomes an advantage for you. You can more freely decorate the walls. For example, you can apply wallpaper or wall sticker. You could also paint the walls with your children’s favorite superhero characters. However, make sure that your wall paint is safe for children. Wall paint with poor quality may contain harmful chemicals. For that, you need to be careful in choosing the wall paint.


When it is about room decorating ideas for children’s rooms, we recommend you lay comfortable carpet. This carpet will provide comfortable areas in lieu of a slick floor. The other way is to choose a-not-slippery-ceramic. Don’t forget; put a doormat near the bathroom. Make sure the floor is flat and not wavy to avoid the risk of tripping.


This section is quite vulnerable, so it quite became interior design inspiration to make sure your children will not get harm. For that, make a ladder that sloping as possible. Make sure the stairs are made of materials that are not slippery and has a fairly wide cross-sectional area for children. Stairs also need to have a firm grip section to assist in holding on to the ladder. However, if you do not want children too often go up and down, put a small fence that limits the stairs. In doing so, the child is not free to go up and down.

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