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The Most Amazing Features of GrowFX 2.0 Review

The Most Amazing Features of GrowFX 2.0 Review

Have you been wondering how to generate any 3d models of plants and trees, as well as animate them?
Do you want a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max that lets you make broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, many and ivy other vegetational compositions? Then this Exlevel GrowFX 2.0 ​is perfect for you!


Features of GrowFX

  • Creation of realistic trees thanks to a special technology named "Meta mesh".
  • Create climbing and trailing plants thanks to a direction modifier named "Object reaction".
  • Create sheared plants thanks to a direction modifier named "Object slice".
  • Create plants of any shape thanks to splines, using the Spline direction modifier.
  • Animation in GrowFX
  • Use of custom geometric objects
  • Speed of display in the viewport

Here is some of what after using the GrowFX, I would like to give my thoughts on the plug-in:
Exlevel GrowFX is an exceptional 3D modeling software that can be used to create and design plant modeling and animation for Autodesk using 3ds Max.

  • You are able to ability to create 3d model of any plant, be it grass, tree, flower, or any form part of it into an architectural
  • GrowFX can create extremely realistic trees and plants than all the plug-in others ​thanks to a special technology named "Meta mesh". With Meta mesh, it is possible to combine a trunk and branches into a single surface with smooth transitions at the points of contact. Meta mesh can also create tree trunks of any shape.
  • It's a native 3Ds Max plug-in
  • It can react with any Max objects in the scene, this is one of its best features
  • The interface is well thought out and simple to use, node editor is such a huge advantage over the older menu's, it's miles better than the old interface, and now more properly shows all the different possibilities, and visual structure of the tree
  • They listen to users and implement our wishes
  • The support is amazing (as good as Vray) Send them files & they fix/tweak them for you.
  • The ability to create virtually anything, as it is based on a L-system so it's not just for building trees.

  • Very small plant library.
  • Slow meta-mesh creation (Most plants don't need/use meta-mesh so it's not an issue)
  • Not enough tutorials
  • Trying to build plants & trees in any software needs patience.

Who is GrowFX plug-in for?

If you are only looking for a library of plants that you never tweak or change this is probably not a program for you.
If on the other hand, you are looking for a program to take your trees and plants to the next level... then GrowFX is it!
I am now happy that I can conquer any plant species that are thrown at me in my projects, thanks to GrowFX